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Best Car Care Services in Dubai

If you’re a car enthusiast who cherishes their vehicle, then you know how crucial it is to maintain its pristine condition. at Prestige VP Car Care, we understand your passion for automobiles, which is why we take pride in being the ultimate destination for premium car care services in Dubai. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail sets us apart, and we are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of services using high-quality products,

Get Your Paint Protection Film in Dubai

Preserve your car’s finish with Paint Protection Film in Dubai. Shield against road debris, UV rays, and scratches. Invest in long-lasting protection for a flawless, showroom-quality appearance. Ensure your vehicle’s allure lasts with Paint Protection Film. Defend against stone chips, bug splatter, and environmental damage. Experience the ultimate safeguard for a glossy, showroom-worthy exterior.


Over 25 Years Experience

Expert Car Diagnostics since 1992. Family-owned, endorsed by trading standards, and offering 12-month guarantee on all services.

Collision Repair Excellence

Your one-stop for vehicle maintenance. Specializing in diagnosing complex issues, serving Cars and Light Trucks, American and Foreign.

Accreditation & Certifications

Comprehensive repair services at Auto-Service specialists. Specializing in diagnosing complex issues for Cars with a customer-first approach.

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Welcome To Presitgevp Car Care

Looking for a comprehensive car detailing service in Dubai that can provide you with all the services you need? Look no further than Prestige Car Care, one of the top providers of car care services in the United Arab Emirates.

Implementing Perfection With Innovative Vision

Our focus on building relationships with our customers and providing high-quality service has helped us become one of the leading car care providers in Dubai. Despite our rapid growth, we remain committed to our core values and continue to prioritize customer service, employee growth, and relational business practices.

Experience the difference that Prestige Car Care can make for your car by booking an appointment today.

At Prestige Car Care, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and a wide range of services at competitive prices. Our services include car wash, car polishing, car ceramic coating, car tinting, car paint protection, car interior cleaning, car oil change, car mechanical repair, car dent repair, car scratch repair, car battery replacement, car tire change, car alignment, car AC repair, car window repair, car upholstery repair, car engine tuning, car diagnostics, and car maintenance.

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Invest in the best possible protection for your car. Experience the ultimate protection and peace of mind for your car with our Paint Protection Film service at prestige VP car...

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Nano Ceramic Coating is a state-of-the-art solution that provides unbeatable protection to your car’s exterior. It is a liquid polymer that is applied to the car’s paintwork,...

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When it comes to car windows tinting service in Dubai, we spare no expense in using cutting-edge tint films, renowned for their superior quality and performance...